DesignA Consulting Ltd - Architects is the architect for LEAD Properties
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Our experienced staff provides advice and consultancy services on Integrated Resort Scheme and Real Estate Scheme Development projects. We also provide marketing reports, feasibility reports, business plan reports and how to make the best value out of property.



Le Meritt Elipsis  

Le Meritt ELIPSIS is the biggest residential development building in Mauritius. With its futuristic international architecture and prestigious international design, it combines the best in full facilitated residential development in Mauritius. For more information please visit us at our site office:
Le Meritt Elipsis,
Trianon,Quatre Bornes
Telephone: 465 8090 / 467 8089



Le Meritt Genesis  

Le Meritt Holdings Ltd has developed one of the largest and tallest residential development in Quatre Bornes, offering 116 Condominiums with magnificent views.
Construction is completed and the lucky owners have already been handed over the keys to their respective units.
For more information please give us a call on +230 465 80 90


DESIGNA Consulting Ltd offers Architectural, Interior Design, Master Planning, Project Management and Property Development services. The company mainly covers all Architectural Designs:- Residential, Commercial, Offices, Hotels, Recreational, Sports Complex, Master Planning & Urban Design and Interior Design Projects.

Henry LOO Architect DPLG PA MAA CPMA, graduated from Marseille, France in 1994, is its Managing Director. With more than 20 years of experience in the Architectural field, he has traveled extensively around the world and has built an international network of architects, investors and developers in all continents. Henry is a CPMA Certified Project Management Associate and Member of the ASAPM American Society for the Advancement of Project Management.

He has been elected President of the Mauritius Association of Architects for year 2005 & 2006. Henry is a JCI Junior Chamber International Senator who was in charge of Africa & Europe.

DESIGNA Consulting Ltd offre des services en Architecture, en Promotion Immobilière et en Gestion de Projet. La compagnie réalise des projets Résidentiels, Commerciaux, des Immeubles de bureaux, des Hôtels, des Parcs de loisirs et des Complexes Sportifs.

Henry LOO, Architecte DPLG PA MAA CPMA, diplômé de Marseille, France en 1994, est son Directeur Général. Avec plus de 20 ans d’expérience dans le domaine de l’architecture, ses nombreux voyages lui ont permis d’établir un réseau international d’architectes, investisseurs et promoteurs immobiliers tous les continents. Henry est un Directeur de Projet certifié CPMA, ‘Certified Project Management Associate’ et il est aussi membre de l’ASAPM, ‘American Society for the Advancement of Project Management’.

Il a été elu President de l’Association des Architectes de l’Ile Maurice pour 2005 & 2006. Henry est un Senateur de la Jeune Chambre Economique qui a été en charge de l’Afrique et de l’ Europe.

DESIGNA Consulting Ltd is one of the largest architectural practice in Mauritius, which is able to respond quickly and efficiently to our clients needs and requirements. A special effort is put into the understanding of a client's daily operations and long-term plans. Our projects respond to and exceed the client’s brief, are built on time and within budget. We have worked on major projects in Mauritius as well as in foreign countries in African region (Kenya, Tanzania), Reunion Island (France), Mayotte (France), Madagascar and some European countries.

DESIGNA Consulting Ltd est l’une des plus grandes agences d’architecture basée à l’île Maurice dotée d’une grande capacité de service et adapté aux besoins et aux exigences de notre clientèle. Un effort particulier est attribué à la compréhension des opérations et des plans à long terme de nos clients. Nos projets vont au-delà de l’attente de nos clients et sont construits dans les temps impartis et le budget alloué. Nous avons travaillé sur des projets majeurs à l’île Maurice ainsi que dans des pays étrangers dans la region Afrique (le Kenya, La Tanzanie), l’île de La Réunion (France), Mayotte (France), Madagascar et plusieurs pays Européens.